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Download the full content of Freedom of Information Act 2011. Laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria Download
Download Guidelines on the Implementation of The Freedom of Information Act 2011 Revised Edition 2013 Download
Download The 1999 Constitution and Freedom of Information: Relevant Provisions Download
Download Sample/Template of Report Made in Compliance With S.29 of the Freedom of Information Act 2011 (Foia)* Download
Speech: South East Zonal Workshop on Access to Information and Democratic Governance Download
Speech: National Summit On The Freedom Of Information Act Organised By Media Rights Agenda In Partnership With The United States Agency For International Aid (USAID) Download
Speech: Training Workshop for the FOIA Implementation Committee of the National Planning Commission Download
Speech: One-Day Sensitisation Workshop on the Official Secrets Act 1962 and the Freedom Of Information Act 2011 Organised by the Public Service Institute of Nigeria Download
Speech: Consultation Forum on the Revised FOIA Implementation Guidelines Download
Proactive Disclosure Requirements under the FOI Act Download
Exemptions – Overview of Some Key Exemption Issues Under the Freedom of Information Act 2011 Download
Some of the Challenges In Implementing the Current Guidelines on Freedom of Information Act, 2011 Download
Procedures and Timelines for Processing Requests for Information Under the Freedom of Information Act, 2011 & The Fmoj's Proposed Draft Revised Implementation Guidelines Download